Literary Lovers Mash-Up: Violet Ambrose & Edward Cullen

We’ve gotten some pretty fantastic entries in our Literary Lovers Mash-Up Writing Contest — and, as promised, we’ll be posting our favorite entries all week-long. (Plus, we’re sending the U.S. winners some awesome Novel Novice bookmarks.)

For this contest, we asked you guys to write about two literary lovers meeting OR falling in love for the first time in about 500 words.

Today’s entry comes from Courtney Rae, who has written a meeting of Violet Ambrose from The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting & Edward Cullen from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Courtney has done a fantastic job of introducing these two characters to each other, while maintaining the integrity of the original books and keeping the encounter believable within the context of either novel. It works especially well here because of Violet’s talent for sensing the “echoes” of people who have killed, and the fact that both books take place in Washington state. (And I confess, this was my personal favorite out of all the entries!)

I heard him before I saw him. His echo was deafening, even in the middle of the mall’s food court, where everyone seemed to scream.

I told Jay I would wait for him and I knew he would be furious if I followed this person alone. But the echo was getting further and further away. I couldn’t let this possible murderer just walk out.

Before I knew it, my feet were taking me to the front doors. My eyes scanned the faces I passed. A few parents moved their kids out of my path. No surprise, I’m sure my fear inside was seeping into my expression, leaving me looking crazy.

When I stepped over the threshold and onto the sidewalk outside, I could taste him. My tongue burned like it had hundreds of pennies laying on it. The coppery aroma causing my stomach to turn.

The echo was greatly layered, dark and heavy, but also light. I pursued the sound of beating wings and galloping hoofs into the woods that lined the building.

This could just be someone who is malicious and kills animals for fun, but I was too far in to turn back now.

I saw movement ahead and sped up, stopping when I caught sight of a guy with his back to me, bending down. The light wind played with his bronze hair. He was tall and you could tell that even when he was bent over.

The echo coming off him all but knocked me over. I had to lean against the nearest tree to keep standing. A groan came out of my throat that I couldn’t stop.

The guy stiffened and slowly pivoted his body to look at me. That’s when I saw it.

His mouth was covered in blood. And there was deer laying at his feet, twitching in pain, with the side of it’s throat ripped open.

I looked back up into the guys eyes. They were golden and pleading. A scream bubbled up inside me. I bit it back before it could escape.

He stepped toward me and I took one back, ending up with my back to a tree.

“I wont hurt you,” he said to me.

I just stared at him. Not saying a word. Trying to find a way to run.

“Edward!” a voice rang out to the left.

The guy looked as if he was going to say something else. I blinked, though, and he was gone. A trail of leaves rustling was the only thing showing he actually left.

I retreated backwards, watching the spot where he was standing.

Footsteps came up behind me. I stilled.

A pair of hands grabbed hold of my upper arms and spun me around. My scream couldn’t be held back anymore.

“Violet, it’s me.” Jay’s voice sang in my ear.

I fell into him as my body turned to Jell-O.

What I had just seen, I don’t know. But right now I was safe. In Jay’s arms, I was safe.

I honestly can’t wait for you guys to read the rest of the entries — they are all so clever & creative! We’ll post all of the Literary Lovers Mash-Up entries on this page.

5 thoughts on “Literary Lovers Mash-Up: Violet Ambrose & Edward Cullen

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      1. Courtney, that is awesome — and YES, you should definitely continue!! I’d keep reading, for sure!

  1. Oh my gosh! When I read the title, at first my mind went “Wtf? Who’s trying to ruin The Body Finder by mashing it up with Twilight?” When I read it, I was like, “Wow! That was awesome! I WANT MORE!” I loved it.

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