Cover Comparison: The Lonely Hearts Club & Abbey Road

Today, we’re doing a cover comparison between our March Book of the Month The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg and The Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

Why, you ask?

For starters, Eulberg’s book draws heavily on the Beatles — including the title, character names, and loads of song references throughout. But more importantly — as any Beatles fan will quickly recognize, the cover of The Lonely Hearts Club is, in essence, an homage to the  Abbey Road album cover.

Take a look for yourself:

It’s easy to spot the similarities: the white crosswalk stripes, with four people walking across. Of course, the cover of The Lonely Hearts Club is cropped so we only see the subjects from about the waist down — oh, and they’re all girls dressed in modern attire.

The girls on the LHC cover are also walking a bit more out of synch than the Fab Four. But there’s yet another difference. As most Beatles fans & conspiracy theorists would point out — note that the first three Beatles are walking with their right foot forward, while Paul has his left foot forward. Those conspiracy theorists I mentioned have long pointed to this Abbey Road cover as a major clue that Paul McCartney is actually dead — and was replaced by a lookalike. Don’t believe me? Theories abound — and we’ll go in-depth about them tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can still sit back and enjoy the fun tribute made to the Abbey Road cover with The Lonely Hearts Club.

For the comments: What other similarities & differences can you find between the two covers?

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