Profile: Margaret Stohl, co-author of Beautiful Creatures

We asked Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, authors of Beautiful Creatures, to tell us a bit about themselves. Rather than doing a formal interview — or writing another boring bio — they each sent us a list of fun facts!

Today, we’re featuring Margaret Stohl:

I don’t like to make lists.  It’s a fact.  My father is never without a yellow legal pad, where he likes to keep lists that are so long they can never be accomplished. Not me. If I were to make lists, I might have to do the things on them. I am, however, fine with words. So here goes, my anti-list list, my life in words.

Bad barking beagles in my backyard, always muddy no matter the weather

Drafty Spanish house from 1927, always freezing no matter the weather

Painted my chandelier turquoise one day when I realized wrought iron isn’t a color

Turned Veg because of a book (Jonathan Safran Foer)

My Teens became fencers because of a book (Tamora Pierce)

Became a writer because of a book (Susan Cooper, Ursula Le Guin, Diana Wynne Jones, Robin McKinley, CS Lewis)

Cried fangirl tears the whole way through Eudora Welty’s house

Believed Faulkner’s house was haunted

Found out I got into college in an article in the Wall Street Journal

Used to write for my school paper

Used to make my little brother wear a tutu

Used to sneak-read by my nightlight

Used to eat jello dry out of the earthquake food storage in our garage

Tivo is the sixth person in my family, all #GLEEKS

Project Runway because of Tim Gunn, Bones because of Angel, House because of House, Lie to Me because of Tim Roth, Ghost Whisperer for no reason but if you tell anyone I’ll deny it

Best office = bed

Endless Olympic coverage but I just don’t get the Speed Skating Outfits

7 Seasons of Buffy back to back, 3 Veronica Mars back to back, and no matter what you thought of Dollhouse you really have to admire the way Joss destroys the universe at the end of every series

Girl Scout Cookie Season but too lazy to sell so we have to eat them all ourselves

Videogame paintings on my walls – Zelda – Tron – Donkey Kong – Bomberman – and London Calling album cover from The Clash made out of recycled surfboards

the Santa Monica Library to write if you get there at 9:55

the Park City Library to write with the windows open in the summer

Charleston for pie (and fun), Savannah for fun (and pie)

Old friends twitter friends blogger friends fb friends itunes books I’ve read and want to read and books I write and want to write all carried around in my head all day every day and yes, Spring Awakening is what writing sounds like to me.

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