Lauren Kate: Fallen Q&A Part 1

Today kicks-off our four-part exclusive interview with author Lauren Kate. Yesterday, we introduced you to her two books, Fallen and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. Today, our interview focuses on her most recent book, Fallen.

The concept of reincarnation is central to Fallen, as is the battle between good and evil. Yet no specific religion or denomination is championed.

Did you keep it neutral on purpose, and if so, how did you handle that?

The books in the Fallen series will all have a strong theological base, without being pinned down to one specific religion. It wouldn’t interest me to write a book about such a rich, long-standing topic without tracing its roots back as far as I could–but I also don’t want to make the story heavy handed in any way. I did a lot of research for Fallen, and continue to research for the subsequent books in the series. I was excited when my research took me back further than the Christian bible, the Jewish Torah–back as far as Zoroastrianism (the first dualistic religion). I’m interested in the roots of good and evil–and then seeing how much I can do to blur the lines in my books.

Miss Sophia speaks in tongues at the end of the book. Why? Have you ever heard anyone do that?

Great question! I’ve seen people speaking in tongues in a couple of documentaries, but never in person. My husband has seen done it though, and was able to give me some good tips. My thinking was that Miss Sophia is such a benevolent character for so much of the novel—so when she starts to crack, I wanted it to be really memorable. Hence the tongues.

Pickled okra?! Is there a story behind that?

To answer that, I think you and I need to head on down to the Lazy Susan restaurant in the Mendenhall Hotel in Mendenhall, Mississippi and we’ll wheel the table tops around in circles and pile your plate with chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, sweet potatoes, and the best pickled okra you’ve ever dreamed of. Don’t say you’ve never dreamed of it.

I forgot I wrote pickled okra into Fallen! I must have felt that more people needed exposure to this fine southern delicacy.

What’s the deal with Arriane’s sister, Annabelle? Will we find out in Torment?

Another good question, and yes, I do have plans for her. Big plans. Just not in Torment. Maybe in the next book. Or definitely the next….but don’t worry, she will get her fifteen minutes!

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