Spotlight on Beautiful Creatures fansite

Today, we’re featuring the #1 fansite around for Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Caster Girls (& Boys)

This awesome site was started by Vania & Yvette — these lovely ladies graciously answered a few questions for us about

1. What made you decide to start Caster Girls?

Vania: Yvette and I have been friends for almost a year now, and we were both friends with Kami and Margie. I worked on the Beautiful Creatures trailer and Yvette loved the book, so there was no doubt that we were going to do this fansite. Caster Girls was already a blog started by the teens Kami & Margie wrote the book for. We got together with them and decided to turn it into a fansite.

Yvette: We not only loved the book and Kami and Margie, but they also trusted us to do this. It’s been really fun sharing this with everyone!

2. The site has a very snazzy look, and I love the photos featuring the numbers on everyone’s hands. How did you go about putting the site together?

Yvette: The site itself was designed by Anna Moore who’s a genius in her own right! But most, if not all, of the photos were taken Vania (VLC Photo).

Vania: Yvette and I worked really closely with Anna to make sure the site was user friendly, clean, but still pretty. We just love what she did!

Yvette: The original Caster Girls & Caster Boy were identified online by their sneakers and numbers because most of them were under eighteen,, and Kami & Margie didn’t want their faces online.

Vania: It’s cool because Lena writes on her hands in BC, too!

3. It sounds like you have a very unique relationship with the authors. How did that come about? How much have they contributed to the site?

Vania: I befriended Kami and Margie on Twitter when I got the chance to read their book early last year. But we got to be close friends over the course of making the trailer – many photo sessions and lots of trailer planning with Kami!

Yvette: I was friends with Kami as she was writing BC, so she just brought me along for the ride.

4. Anything else you’d like to tell people about Caster Girls?

Vania: We really couldn’t do it without the fans of Beautiful Creatures. When it comes to the polls, playlists — anything we do — they are so great about making suggestions and helping out! It has been quite an experience sharing BC with everyone, and we hope that everyone continues to have fun on

Yvette: Also, despite the name, the fansite is for girls & guys. We just kept the original site name. But we added “boys” to the header!

Vania: Kami & Margie are leaving for the 2nd leg of their tour on Sunday. In honor of the tour, there is a huge interactive contest going up TODAY! For people who participated in the Scavenger Hunt during their Southern Tour, they aren’t giving away Lena’s necklace this time.

Yvette: It’s something else from the book … one-of-a-kind! Check their site & ours today for details!

Check out their schedule in Seattle. Chicago & the Bay Area, on the Appearances page on has a bevy of features, including:

One of the coolest on-going features at Caster Girls is their fantasy casting for a Beautiful Creatures movie. Periodically, they’ll post a new poll, asking fans to vote on who they’d cast for various characters from the books. So far, they’ve cast the following:

Amma                                    Larkin                             Macon

Ridley                         Serafine

And they are currently casting Link!

For the comments: Have you checked out Caster Girls yet? Tell us your favorite part in the comments!


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