Lots of goodies from our affiliate, Open Book Society!

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There are LOTS of exciting things going on this week at our affiliates, Open Book Society! Here are some highlights:

February 15th – Book Covers Clusters – If you like nature then you will appreciate this cluster highlighting all things flowers.

February 16th – OBS Speak-Out Part 1 on Mythology titled “Love Conquers All” and a new Top 5/10 called “Greek Gods”

February 17th – We put up a new Poll of the Week so stop by to vote!

February 18th – Come check out where the next con is taking place or where your favorite author will appear, as we present our Events & Appearances for the month of March and we’ll be announcing our new Book Club too.

February 19th – is Fan Art Madness and Movie Posters highlights day, and our OBS Speak Out Article continues with Part 2.

February 20th – OBS presents a Director Profile on M. Night Shymalan and Greek Gods and Godesses will be discussed in our Mythical Beings article. Come see what Jen Nadol, author of The Mark, had to say in our Author Interview.

Don’t forget to come visit the OBS Forum to see the hot topics and join in on the discussions. See you at OBS.

Sara | Novel Novice

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