Beautiful Creatures: Teens Read, too!

Beautiful Creatures authors Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl recently guest blogged on about writing their book, and how they were influenced by the teens in their lives. Here’s some of what they had to say:

Someone asked us the other day about whether, as writers, we felt responsible for the way a book can shape the way a teen reader thinks. We’ve actually been asked that quite often, since Amazon named BEAUTIFUL CREATURES the Best Teen Book for 2009. The answer to that question is yes, of course we do. We wrote BEAUTIFUL CREATURES for seven specific teens — daughters, sisters, former students, and friends. There wasn’t a month or a week or sometimes even a day when these teens weren’t reading what we had to say.

So for us, the more interesting question isn’t if our book will shape how someone thinks, but if and how it was shaped by how the teens we know think. The answer to that question is YES. We were affected in every way imaginable. We wanted strong female characters in our book because the teens we know are strong girls. We wanted complex family situations, woven out of love and loyalty and betrayal and loss, because the teens we know struggle to find their way in and out of these same kinds of families.

The teens in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES struggle to make hard choices, and for the right to make those choices. The teens in our lives are no different. They are — depending on the day — the bravest, strongest, kindest, most individual, and as Lena would say… “happysaddest” people we know. And they are all different, from each other and sometimes even from themselves on any given day.

You can read their entire blog at

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