Screenwriter hired for movie of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Variety reports that Unique Features has hired screenwriter Nick Pustay to adapt Maggie Stiefvater’s Shiver for the big screen!

“At the core is this heartbreaking love story, between two people who know that their time together is slipping away,” Pustay said.

I’ve been tracking news about a Shiver movie on Portland Books Examiner, too. Here’s news about when the movie rights were first optioned in September:

It’s only been in stores since August, but Magie Stiefvater’s quickly best-selling Young Adult novel Shiver is headed for the big screen.

Variety reports that Unique Features has picked up the movie rights to Shiver – the first in a planned trilogy about a human-werewolf romance.

Then in December, word got out that Warner Bros. had picked up the option:

According to author Maggie Stiefvater, Warner Brothers has optioned the movie rights to her best-selling novel Shiver.

We reported in September, that Unique Features had optioned the rights for the Young Adult novel about a romance between a teenage girl and a boy who spends his winters as a werewolf.

On her official Twitter page, Stiefvater now says that Warner Brothers has picked up the option:

It’s been optioned by Warner Bros., but it’s very early stages!

For the comments: Okay, fantasy casting time! Who would you cast as Sam and Grace in a movie version of Shiver?

44 thoughts on “Screenwriter hired for movie of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

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    1. this book is a very very good book with a good story line and personaly I feel its better then the twilight books. If you dont like the book then why are you on here? obviosly you must have liked the book but may not want to admit it.

  1. I just finished this book and its midnight thirty right now. This book was great. I’m a teen, yes, but I normally read adult fiction. This was a nice switch back to my grade level reading and I thoroughally enjoyed it. I’m again filled with the fever of waiting for the next book in a good series to come out. July seems so far away that its unreal!

  2. book is kinda good especially since it narrates from both male and female perspective………..not all mushy and girly like twilight……

  3. okay whoever said that anything worse than a bad book being made into a movie is worse than a good book being made into a movie obvisouly does not appreciate great writing. the one who said that the book is boreing obvisouly didn’t read the whole book. my advice before you judge a book by its cover try to read it first. for a movie being made, i think i can say that it would make a lot of teenage girls happy who would like to see a non vampire movie be made.

  4. Boring? Bad? I normally read adult books and loathed the Twilight series past the age of 12 for its awkward writing and overuse of adjectives. But this book poses realistic dramas, and characters, and has a delightful writing style.

    If you find it boring, you probably didn’t finish or are used to reading how “omg my heart started racing i love him so much” 100 times a chapter.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, naturally 😛

    1. Yes exatly! Twilight is for Tweens. not teens. I loved Shiver and it is deffo one of my fave books. Linger was even better and if they’re being made into films then great!!!

  5. this book is fantastic and the only thing they could do wrong in the movie is not go by the book or puck the wrong people for the important roles like sam ,sam should = hot emo boy werewolf

  6. okay, this book is sooooo not bad, i love it!, like so much, its diffrent from the twilight saga, but just as good , boring? i found nothing boring about it i cant put it down, but also, there is nothing wrong with twilight 😀
    just pointing that out (:

  7. I am in love with this book!!!! i love it so much, i cried at the end for 3 hours well i was reading it. i finished it in one day i couldnt put it down!!! Is there a movie for it!?? and i loved the twilight saga, but i love this book more!!!! and Sam should be played by a reeally hot emo guy(=

  8. Try looking up COURTNEY YATES
    I haven’t read the books but I’m sure she could fit somewhere.
    Tell me what you think, PLEASE!!

  9. i REALLLLLLLLLLLY think TAYLOR LAUTNER would make the perfect SAM for this book. he has the beautiful dark hair, heavy eyes, nd big,dark,heavy eyebrows. he would beperfect nd if u hired him u wouldnt regret it:)

    1. I pretty much think Taylor would never do another werewolf again, Twilight made him what he is and if he did another werewolf people might think thats all he’s good for.

  10. ohhhhhhhh nd i think Missy Peregrym will make the PERFECT GRACE. she will look perfect with taylor lautner as sam also:) PLEASE CONSIDER THIS

  11. im 15 and not much of read but tbh, this is the best book i’ve read. From the moment i started reading i couldn’t put it down. I Cant wait for ‘forever’ to come out. And i hope the book becomes a film. but in the mean time i’ll be reading the books again. Anyone who can’t see the potential and creatifity of this book is simply not trying hard enough to understand the characters. x

  12. great book . . .. taste of stephenie Meyer, but even more romantik . . . . really like it 🙂

  13. I absolutely LOVED the first two books! And I can’t wait for the third one! Yes I’m a teen but I LOVED this book! It was the best book I have ever read! I hope the movie is as good as the books! And SAMs character needs to be really cute with brown or black hair and grace has to b really pretty I love the books! Omg thx Maggie! I hope u write more than just three books in this series! 😀 I loved the books!

  14. My dad just came back into my life a year ago and for christmas he gave me the first two books shivier and linger, both signed by the author! it was probably the best christmas present next to my dad

  15. Yay! I love this book sooo much! Although Linger was deffo better that Shiver in my opinion!! I find it sad that everyone compares things to Twilight now! Ibn my opinion Twilight is one of the worst Supernatural books out there, although Darren Shan is close behind. I am so glad that some REAL supernatural books are being made films and will be looking forward to see Sam and Grace on the big screen, as for who should play them. It would be easier to see a list of people who could play them, then choose from that.

  16. ok , so i read the book shiver twice and linger too . im waiting for forever and i can say that im really eager for the movie to come out ,i havent read in a longtime and since i read shiver i got back to my old life reading books and staying latenight reading ,so i think that shiver is a good book and youll enjoy it. cant wait for the sequel forever and the relese date of the movie

  17. I loved this book! I think Grace should be Selena Gomez and Sam should be Jared Padelecki, unfortunately their ages are very distant, but this casting would be incredible for me!! But i know it can’t happen for real

  18. OK, Shiver is a great book! I want them to make it into a movie! I think
    •Grace should be played by Mamie Gummer
    •Sam by Taylor Lautner…

    ages are far apart, so my other suggestion is
    •Grace by Ayla Kell
    •Sam by Taylor Lautner

  19. No! No Taylor Lautner!!! He’s so over-rated. I would pick actors and actresses that aren’t that well known. and NO ONE from that horrible book/movie Twilight. I absolutely HATE Twilight and if anyone from Twilight was in Shiver….I probably wouldn’t go see it.

  20. I wonder if they would ever cast someone…well…outside of the whole California scene…You know Virginia has some pretty nice woods around.

  21. Drew Roy or Alex Turner as Sam Roth and Emma Watson or Rachel Hurd Wood as Grace Brisbane. ;3 I can’t wait to see who gets the parts and for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!

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