Beautiful Creatures: Music videos for “Sixteen Moons”

If you’ve read our February Book of the Month, Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, then you know that the song “Sixteen Moons” plays an important part throughout the novel.

But Garcia & Stohl didn’t just make up the song for the book — they actually wrote it! Well, they wrote the lyrics, and musician Michele McGonigle wrote the music & performed it.

Recently, the authors hosted a contest for fans to create their own music videos for “Sixteen Moons” — and the results were great. Check ’em out:

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10 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures: Music videos for “Sixteen Moons”

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  1. i want to know who plays lena in the vlc movie trailer of beautiful creatures does anyone know?? 🙂

  2. I realise that the authors wrote the song, and so they get to decide how its played, but I really imagined the song differently. Also, I don’t like how the singing sounds. That’s just my opinion

  3. i hope you all can see my take a month or two, but i am recreating this song up from the ground.i am only use the lyrics as my bass.when i am done i will come on and post the video on here for u all to see.i hope u will like it.give me a few months though.

  4. Omg, im sorry but that was terrible. I love this series and i love the shadowing songs but this does no justice. i dreamt it to be more melodic and kinda along the lines of what Evanescence sounds like. This is a southern gothic series of books, there needs to be melancholy violins and cellos in there and the voice should resonate with the listener so they never forget what they heard. Thats just my opinion. Sorry :/

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