Libba Bray talks about winning the Printz Award!

Best-selling YA author Libba Bray writes on her blog today about winning the Michael L. Printz Award from the ALA earlier this week for her book Going Bovine. Here’s some of what she had to say:

We all have them—the pie-in-the-sky dreams. The end-of-Purple Rain moment when everyone realizes that Prince is the baddest bad-ass in town. Rocky Balboa yelling, “Adrian!” We have them but we don’t think anything will come of them. They are comfort food for the mind. But this week, I had a pie-in-the-sky experience that felt better than being Queen of England, better than skating for Olympic gold, better even than being David Bowie, though no offense to Mr. Bowie who, I’m sure, really likes being himself.

This week, GOING BOVINE was awarded the Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in YA Literature.
Whoa. Just…whoa.

Some people say that the Caldecott, Newbery, and Printz Awards are like the Oscars of children’s and teen literature. I like to think that the Oscars are like the Caldecott, Newbery, and Printz of movie making, only without those annoying musical numbers. (Although, there is an awards ceremony coming up in June and I’m not saying, I’m just saying…) I think it is safe to say that my feet have not yet touched ground, and the grin I’m sporting is starting to hurt my face.

Everybody talks about where they were when they got “the call.” I never thought I would be telling this story. So pardon me, but HOLY S***! I AM TELLING THIS STORY! PEOPLE, I GOT A PRINTZ! I FEEL NICE—LIKE SUGAR AND SPICE! (This calls out for a James Brown moment.)

Read the rest on Libba’s blog.

For the comments: Have you read Going Bovine? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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