YALSA makes changes to teens’ best books list

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This just in from YALSA (The Young Adult Library Services Association):

YALSA’s board just unanimously approved Board Document 14 (PDF; Selected List Portfolio Proposal) in its entirety, which will affect several YALSA selected booklists and awards, notably Best Books for Young Adults and the Alex Awards. YALSA President Linda Braun will go into more detail on the blog after the YALSA Board adjourns this evening at 5:30 p.m.

Major changes are:

* The heading “Best of the Best for Young Adults” will be used to promote all of YALSA’s lists and book and media awards inclusively, including but not limited to an annually disseminated cumulative list of the top ten titles selected by each of YALSA’s various selection committees

* The current standing Best Books for Young Adults Committee will have an updated charge for its work in order to focus solely on annual publications of fiction (not including graphic novels) published for young adults. In order to reflect this change, the name of the list will become Best Fiction for Young Adults.

* The number of books honored by the Alex Award will be increased. The ten winning titles will appear in addition to a list of the committee’s official nominations.

This is exciting stuff … the YALSA best books for teens list is excellent. I can’t wait to see how things shape up with these new changes!


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