YA March Madness Tournament: View the bracket & vote!

It’s March Madness time in the US right now, which means people everywhere are busy finalizing their NCAA brackets and gearing up for a whole lot of college basketball.

I could care less.

But I know a lot of people get into March Madness, and so I thought it might be fun to do a little bracket of our own … with YA! So below, you’ll see the YA bracket I’ve assembled for this year (bearing in mind that the 32 books included were chosen at random, with no particular process in mind other than I purposely left off heavy hitters The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter). We’ll start today by voting in two brackets and eventually, the field will be narrowed down to one final showdown and a YA March Madness champion will be crowned!

And remember … this is all in good fun and really just meant as a literary alternative to NCAA March Madness. I mean, filling out those brackets can be fun!

Check out our bracket below, then cast your votes in the first two polls! Another round tomorrow!

Today’s bracket polls:

10 responses to “YA March Madness Tournament: View the bracket & vote!

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  2. Isn’t this what YAMM is doing?

    • Sara | Novel Novice

      I don’t know what YAMM is or what they’re up to … I just thought this would be a fun little feature!

  3. Wonderful Idea!!!

  4. Yeah… bookalicio.us, greadsbooks.com, chickloveslit.com and thebookcellarx.com are doing YA March Madness Tournament. Their brackets opened in the beginning of March and they were linked on Mental Floss.

    Great minds think alike I guess.

  5. Hereafter ROCKS!

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