The Hunger Games Movie: Character Desktop Wallpapers

Today, Lionsgate released *eight* new character posters for The Hunger Games movie — and we thought they were so cool, we had to whip up a few desktop wallpapers for you.

Feel free to download & use these for personal use – but PLEASE, do not repost these on other websites. Rather, we ask that you link back here to Novel Novice. (Posting one or two thumbnails, and linking back here is also okay). Thanks for your understanding guys!

As always, click to view full-size, then right-click to save:

For the comments: Which of the new character posters is your favorite?

29 responses to “The Hunger Games Movie: Character Desktop Wallpapers

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  2. WOW! These are amazing I wouldn’t know which wallpaper to use. I’m just in awe… I really excited for the movie.

  3. You guys are magic! I love the Katniss wallpaper especially. Great job with your witchcraftin’ editing skills, guys!

  4. Those are awesome thank you guys sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  5. I love them all!! Very, very cool indeed :)

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  7. The Cinna wallpaper ignites my soul! The Rue wallpaper brings a sad smile to my face. Katniss and Peeta facing the opposite ways make me extremely happy. I love them all really!

  8. Ahh! I’m so nervous and excited about THG movie!

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  10. ummm i didnt know that haymitch had long hair, but besides that there amazing poster!!! :)

  11. Thanks so much for the wallpapers! I’m soooo excited about the posters, I think they’re beautiful. The fact that they gave Cinna the gold eyeliner gives me hope for the movie sticking to the books….I absolutely cannot wait for the movie (even though I always end up being disappointed by book-movie adaptations, it’s still really fun to get excited about the build-up).

  12. Thank you sooo much for the wallpapers!!! I’m so happy (like other fans i think) so thank very much… and
    For the comments: Which of the new character posters is your favorite?

    Cato of course!! ;) because I love Alexander Ludwig ;))) and for the second place are Katniss & Peeta :)

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  16. I cant wait for the hunger games!!! I just read the book and when i found out about the movie i was SO exited!! Love all the actors! And I cant wait for the sequals TOO!!!!! haha:)

  17. oooh, please, Effie Cato & Rue were greeeat, the better of all.

  18. cool im a die hard fan

  19. All of the comments mashed together x10! superfan! can not wait for the movie!

  20. hey all the people out there you likes the hunger games the most out of all of them?

  21. Katniss Everdeen! I watched The Hunger Games yesterday and it’s AMAZING!! Best movie so far! I wanna be strong and fearless like Katniss; compassionate like Peeta and loyal friend like Gale. :) Happy Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor.

  22. i LOVE gale thanks for the pics makes an awesome background


  24. Awesome! I love these wallpapers!

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