Download our Valentines inspired by The Hunger Games

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, we thought it time to share some NEW literary-inspired valentines. We shared plenty last year, and we’ve got a few more up our sleeve before February 14th this year. But first up, here’s a collection of valentines inspired by The Hunger Games trilogy!

Just click to view full-size, then right-click to save … you can send them as virtual cards online or print them out at home:

And of course, we HAD to make a valentine featuring #PeetaCookies:

New for 2012:

For the comments: Who would you rather get a valentine from: Peeta or Gale? How about Finnick? Haymitch?! Someone else???

20 responses to “Download our Valentines inspired by The Hunger Games

  1. Definitely from Peeta. He makes my heart swoon <3 -Arianna

  2. GALE!!!!!!!! :D
    I want me a handsome woodsmen. :)

  3. Oh yes one from Finnick too! Maybe with underwear?? LOL

  4. Finnick for sure! <333

  5. Peeeetttttaaaaa!

  6. Gale up until book three, Finnick after book two. Love is a fickle thing!

    Cool Valentines–I’m going to show my students.

  7. 11010% PETA! I would love to see him decorate me a cookie with the frosting. ”)

  8. Could you make some awesome Harry Potter Valentine as well? I love your work!!! =)

  9. I’d want to get a valentine from Cinna or Finnick.

  10. I would love to get a valentine from Peeta. He is so sweet and kind, and he would be the perfect valentine. Too bad he’s already fallen for Katniss!


    I would soooooooooo want one from FINNICK!!! I am obsessed

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  14. So Peeta… its not even funny

  15. DEFINATLY Peeta :) I love you Peeta <3

  16. I love the hunger games!


  18. Totally Peeta. He’s sweeter than sugar. :)

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