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It’s time for a round-up of other assorted contest winners here at Novel Novice. First up …

The Diviners Blog Tour Contest

The winner receives a signed copy of The Diviners, plus a Diviners necklace, a 1920s headband, and some Bit O’Honeys. And the winner is …

Leigh Smith

Speechless Contest

For this contest, we asked you to tell us about an instance where you had to face bullying. The winner receives a copy of Speechless by Hannah Harrington and a Speechless/Love is Louder phone skin. The winner is:

Hannah Belding, who wrote:

I have a best friend. She has a boyfriend, who I used to have a crush on. Now, him along with his friend bully me every time they see me. Shoving, hitting, kicking, and bad-mouthing. My friend knows, but never says anything about it, and I am starting to think she is not really my friend.

Shadows Book Giveaway

One lucky winner will get a copy of Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick, the second book in the fantastic Ashes trilogy. For this contest we asked you to tell us what three things you’d want to have with you if the apocalypse happened.

The winner is Miranda Owens, who wrote:

1. A weapon
2. My mothers jewelry
3. My pets

Congrats to all our winners!

Sara | Novel Novice

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