Wordstock Festival: YA & MG Authors + Novel Novice

Wordstock Festival is an annual book festival — the Pacific Northwest’s largest! — held in Portland, Oregon.

Novel Novice’s Sara is the YA & Children’s Author Coordinator — and always has the inside scoop on what’s happening at the festival. Check out details about this year and years past at the links below:

Wordstock Festival 2011: YA & MG Authors

Wordstock Festival 2010: YA & MG Authors

FAQ: What to expect at Wordstock

Be sure to check out & download our Wordstock Festival Desktop Wallpapers, too!

18 responses to “Wordstock Festival: YA & MG Authors + Novel Novice

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  2. I hope to make it to Wordstock this year! Love that Novel Novice is featuring several of the authors and their books in the weeks leading up to the event. Awesome! :)

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