Halloween Reads: Books That Scare the $#%!? Out of You

The Novel Novice staff shares the books that scared the $#%?! out of them — just in time for Halloween! Looking for some scary, creepy reads? This is the place!

5 responses to “Halloween Reads: Books That Scare the $#%!? Out of You

  1. One book that really creeped the heck out of me is called Project 17, written by Laurie Faria Stolarz.

    • Oh, I just checked out the description and it sounds GREAT! Kind of “Blair Witch Project” meets “Paranormal Activity” Meets “Ghost Hunters.” I might be Kindling that one very soon …

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Few months ago, I picked up “The Monstrumologist” by Rick Yancey. I work at a bookstore and I kept running across this book and the cover. Well, the old cover not the new one kept catching my eye. So, finally I found time to read it and it was a very different book from the norm.

    Takes place in 1888 New England and boy who is the apprentice of a Monstrumologist. A man who studies monsters. Couldn’t put it done, and if you do decide to read it wait no longer for the second book that was released just recently.

    Have a good Halloween!

    • I am actually reading “The Monstrumologist” right now. If other people decide to read this really good book, be fore warned some scenes are NOT for squeamish people. (I found this out the hard way.) Andrea, There’s a second one?

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