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Exclusive Q&A with Hotel Ruby author Suzanne Young: Part 3

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Today we wrap-up our three-part exclusive Q&A with Hotel Ruby author Suzanne Young with our traditional round of flash questions! If you missed it, catch part 1 of our Q&A here and part 2 here.

Favorite villain?


Pen or pencil?

Definitely pencil.

Favorite piece of clothing?

My professor sweater

Song you can’t get out of your head right now?

The Middle-Jimmy Eat World

Most recent vacation?


5 things that are always in your purse

  1. Lip balm
  2. Target card
  3. Every receipt ever printed
  4. Sharpie
  5. Never-used checkbook

Exclusive Q&A with Hotel Ruby author Suzanne Young: Part 2

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Today we bring you part 2 of our three-part exclusive Q&A with Hotel Ruby author Suzanne Young. If you missed it, catch part 1 here.

Suzanne Young2While billed as a standalone, do you see yourself ever coming back to the Ruby and writing other stories within this universe?

It is nice to wrap up the story in one book. But to be honest, I wouldn’t mind revisiting the Ruby again. I’m sure there are still quite a few secrets in the walls.

Switching gears a little bit, let’s talk about your PROGRAM series. The fourth book in that series — the second of your prequels — comes out next year. Do you have any plans for more stories set in that Program, Theuniverse?

I’m really excited for THE EPIDEMIC in spring! It will tie THE REMEDY and THE PROGRAM together really well, and we’ll see an end to Quinn and Deacon’s story.

But also exciting, I just announced a new series coming out in spring of 17 starting with THE ADJUSTMENT. It will be set after THE TREATMENT—so The Program is no more—but it asks the question: what happened to all of the patients who were erased? What are their lives like now?

They’re outcasts. A new company is developed and they offer Adjustments—a way to put memories back in (very Total Recall). But memory is a matter of perspective. So when the main character wants her boyfriend to remember their shared past, she doesn’t realize that what she thinks they had might be the idealized version…

Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

I’m drafting THE ADJUSTMENT and I’m starting edits on a fall book called ALL IN PIECES. It’s a heartbreaking contemporary that I’ve been waiting years to publish. I’m… I’m actually breathless when I think about it. I absolutely love and hurt for it.

Don’t miss part 3 of our Q&A on Friday!

Exclusive Q&A with Hotel Ruby author Suzanne Young: Part 1

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Today we are delighted to kick-off our three-part exclusive interview with Hotel Ruby author Suzanne Young. Thanks for stopping by, Suz!

hotel rubyI always love hearing your “origin stories” for your books. What was the idea that sparked HOTEL RUBY?

I’d wanted to write a YA version of the song Hotel California. After staying in a creepy hotel in San Francisco, I was truly inspired. First, I was put on practically abandoned floor with moving boxes in the hallway. Then my room was set in an old-fashioned style while my friends’ rooms on another floor was modern and fine. And when I went to leave the room, the hallway was so eerily quiet, it was suffocating. By the end of that weekend, I had a full synopsis.

Suzanne Young2I know you’ve dabbled in horror before (especially with your adult e-book THE WILLING), but this is your first time writing horror for YA. How did you approach writing HOTEL RUBY?

I think at first I planned to go all-out horror, but as I wrote the book, I ended up adding so much emotion and grief that it became less about the scares and more about the character’s journey.

Did anything surprise you while writing HOTEL RUBY?

I loved the main character’s backstory with her ex-boyfriend. It came from a real place, and on the page, I think it feels very real. It added an unexpected depth to the character.

Tune in on Wednesday for part 2 of our Q&A!

Exclusive Q&A with Black Widow: Forever Red author Margaret Stohl: Part 3

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Today, we bring you part 3 of our three-part exclusive interview with Black Widow: Forever Red author Margaret Stohl and as usual, we’re wrapping things up with FLASH QUESTIONS! If you missed it, catch part 1 here and part 2 here.

Margie Favorite villain?

Giovanni & Team Rocket

Pen or pencil?


Favorite piece of clothing?

My blue silk kimono robe I got at Changi International Airport in Singapore. Also the pink one, and the green one, and the dark blue one…kimonos are essential for writing!

Song you cant get out of your head right now?

Any song from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Musical Episode. Probably means it’s time to start a marathon re-watch soon.

Most recent vacation?

Boston with the #nerdfamily for Pokemon Trading Card World Championships (yes, that’s a real thing!)

5 things that are always in your purse

  1. My enormous earphones and glasses because i am basically Mr. Magoo
  2. My laptop…although I should probably get a case for it instead of just throwing it in my purse. My keys are all worn down so you can’t see all the letters anymore.
  3. Black and silver sharpies! I am traumatized by running out of them at signings, so now I am always prepared.
  4. Crumpled receipts that I swear I will organize for my accountant one day (I won’t!)
  5. An ARC of a friend’s book. I have so many amazing author friends, a major perk of which is getting my hands on all their kick-ass new titles.



Thanks again, Margie!

Exclusive Q&A with Black Widow: Forever Red author Margaret Stohl: Part 2

Oct 2015_BotM_Black Widow_banner
Today, we bring you part 2 of our three-part exclusive interview with Black Widow: Forever Red author Margaret Stohl. If you missed part 1, check it out here.

BW Forever Red HR coverI know you do a lot of research for your books (like traveling overseas for the ICONS series). What did you do to prepare for writing Black Widow’s story?

You mean other than read every Black Widow comic I could get my hands on — including the rare ones my husband had to track down online and at dive comic book shops an hour out of town? After that, I turned to spy novels. I must have read dozens before I sat down to write. I wanted to make sure that Natasha felt and read like who she is — a product of both Russian and US intelligence agencies, a combat veteran, a seasoned spy, a military strategist – as well as a tech savvy weapons expert. This is probably the most homework I’ve ever done for a writing project, but then as a game designer this would have been a normal part of the process…!

MargieAs popular as Black Widow is, a lot of fans feel she isn’t getting enough spotlight (in particular, enough screen time in the movies). What do you think it will take for Natasha to get the star treatment her fans feel she deserves?

While the process can sometimes be painfully slow, I think Hollywood gives an audience what they want, so it’s important that fans support projects that feature women and be vocal on social media that they want more. I’m seeing that happening now with Black Widow, and it’s really exciting. It’s that kind of energy that landed Natasha her own book, and hopefully there will be even more in the near future. But to be honest, I really love what Marvel is doing right now with not just Black Widow but Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, even Squirrel Girl. I have a lot of hope for female superheroes in general.

I think it’s safe to say, you have had some pretty diverse experiences as an author at this point! You’ve co-authored a best-selling series (and its spin-off) with BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, written your own solo series with the ICONS books, and now you’ve tackled a massive franchise with BLACK WIDOW. What about the writing process is the same across all of these projects, and what changes?

The one thing that always stays the same is the building and rebuilding or worlds and  characters. You have to be open to what the characters and story need, and you have to be willing to rework what isn’t working. My collaboration with Kami Garcia on BEAUTIFUL CREATURES taught me that – you have to be willing to face the music and let things you love go, if it makes the book better. By the time I wrote the ICONS books, I had learned to do that on my own. BLACK WIDOW introduced a whole new level of rebuilding, because I was telling the story of a character that already existed with a complex past. I had to read between the lines of her cannon, and find the story I wanted to tell. The writing process became a conversation between Natasha and myself about how to rebuild her world authentically in the context of Forever Red. It was a ton of work, but all very essential for the book. Plus, I had all of her past writers, illustrators, filmmakers and millions of fans looking over my shoulder as motivation for me to get it right…!




Thanks again, Margie! Tune in for part 3, Flash Questions, on Friday.

Blog Tour Q&A with The Toymaker’s Apprentice author Sherri Smith

Today, we are so pleased to be hosting a stop on the official blog tour for The Toymaker’s Apprentice by Sherri Smith, a wildly imaginative story inspired by The Nutcracker. Today, Sherri stops by to chat with us about the book. Be sure to keep reading for more information on the book, too!

toymaker's apprenticeWhat inspired you to tackle a re-telling of such a classic story as The Nutcracker?

Love of Christian Drosselmeyer, pure and simple. As a child, he was a magician and a mystery to me. I’ve always wanted to know how he got to be that way. Throw in a mouse with seven heads and travel to exotic lands and I was hooked. From there, my goal was to marry this fantasy to our real world, to find a way to integrate the magic and the mundane. That’s a gift to a much younger me, who wanted to live in the story, but never quite found the little door in the wall between fiction and the real world. This book will be that door.

What drew you to Stefan Drosselmeyer as your protagonist rather than, say, Clara?

Clara gets a lot of attention in the ballet, and that’s great, but it only made me more curious about the other hero of the story—the nutcracker. In Hoffman’s book, the boy isn’t even given a name. He is simply referred to as the son of a toymaker, and cousin to Clara’s godfather. Don’t some of the greatest stories live in crevices like that?

sherri smithWhat was the biggest challenge of tackling your own story inspired by The Nutcracker?

For me, the biggest challenge was making a real protagonist out of Stefan. Originally, I wanted to tell his cousin Christian’s story. There is a rich backstory I developed over time that informs this book, but you only see it in glimpses. Switching tracks to a younger character, learning how to write an honest voice for a younger boy—that was tricky for me. I especially bumped up against the element of loss in the story. Stefan has lost a parent, one of the other main characters suffers the same. It wasn’t until I lost my own mother that I felt I could tap into what these two kids must feel.

When did you first fall in love with The Nutcracker?

I discovered the original story when I was in elementary school, in a book beside the sofa at my piano teacher’s house. My mother then took me to see Mikhail Baryshnikov dance the ballet, and I was hooked. When Drosselmeyer swept onto the stage, I fell head over heels in love!

Why do you think The Nutcracker continues to be such a popular story?

The Nutcracker ballet begins with a big Christmas party, the kind we all wish we’d be invited to. Wind up dancing dolls, a huge tree and a crackling fire—it’s picture perfect. From there, I think we can credit Hoffman’s insane imagination. He takes the reader on flights of fancy that are dizzying. There is good and evil, classic heroic struggles, and an attempt to become human. I think the archetypes make it universal. This is a battle for goodness at the darkest time of the year. If it ends in triumph and some dancing, what’s not to love. Throw in Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous music and it becomes a permanent part of our lives.


Favorite villain?


Pen or pencil?


Favorite piece of clothing?

Totoro sleep poncho. It’s so fluffy!

Song you can’t get out of your head right now?

I Think I’m Going Out of My Head

Most recent vacation?

England and Italy!

5 things that are always in your purse:

  • Scrap paper
  • lip balm
  • a pen
  • Altoid tins—one with a dog sticker on it, one with a cat– repurposed to hold random items
  • a Tyvek Star Trek Wallet

Thanks for stopping by, Sherri! Here is more about The Toymaker’s Apprentice, which is in stores TODAY:

A gorgeously imagined Nutcracker retelling from award-winning author making her middle-grade debut

Stefan Drosselmeyer is a reluctant apprentice to his toymaker father until the day his world is turned upside down. His father is kidnapped and Stefan is enlisted by his mysterious cousin, Christian Drosselmeyer, to find a mythical nut to save a princess who has been turned into a wooden doll. Embarking on a wild adventure through Germany, Stefan must save Boldavia’s princess and his own father from the fanatical Mouse Queen and her seven-headed Mouse Prince, both of whom have sworn to destroy the Drosselmeyer family.

Based on the original inspiration for the Nutcracker ballet, Sherri L. Smith brings the Nutcracker Prince to life in this fascinating journey into a world of toymaking, magical curses, clockmaking guilds, talking mice and erudite squirrels.

Blog Tour Q&A + Contest: Truly Madly Famously by Rebecca Serle

Today I am SO excited to be hosting a stop on the official blog tour for Truly Madly Famously by Rebecca Serle, the sequel to Famous in Love. I ADORE this series, and recently devoured my copy of Truly Madly Famously –which officially hits stores tomorrow, and you’ll want to pick up a copy ASAP. For today’s blog tour, we have an exclusive Q&A with Rebecca, plus your chance to win one of TEN copies of her new book! So be sure to keep reading for all the details.

truly madly famouslyWhich character came first: Paige, Rainer, or Jordan? 

Paige and Rainer came pretty simultaneously, although in the original draft Rainer’s name was Halden– weird, I know! Jordan stumbled onto the scene fairly soon after and the trio was complete. Famous in Love wasn’t originally intended to be a love triangle, if you can believe it, but Jordan was so compelling I knew Paige, like me, would be torn.

Pick a love triangle: Bella/Edward/Jacob, Katniss/Peeta/Gale, or Stefan/Damon/Elena? 

Stefan/Damon and Elena 4-EVA! Although these days I’m riding the Steroline (Stefan/Caroline) train hard. I have been a fan of TVD since the beginning—- and had the honor of writing recaps for Vulture for many years. That show has a special place in my heart.

Book-to-screen adaptation coming up that you can’t wait to see? 

I’m always eager to see what my friends Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter pull out. (They did The Fault in Our Stars, Paoer Towns, and the adaptation of my first book, When You Were Mine, Rosaline). They’re working on Looking for Alaska now as well as Rules of Civility– loved loved that book! I’m a huge Divergent fan, as well, so count me there opening night.

rebecca serleFavorite book-to-screen movie adaptation to date? 

Harry Potter!!!!!!

A FAMOUS IN LOVE movie adaptation: dream come true, or too meta? 

Haha well it better be a dream come true because it’s happening! Marlene King (of Pretty Little Liars) and I co-created the TV series, Famous in Love, for ABC Family. Bella Thorne is playing Paige Townsen! I’m currently living in LA as we speak…

Favorite movie theater snack(s)? 

Well I’m allergic to wheat so I guess Twizzlers– which is frustrating, because I think I would actually love Twizzlers if I could eat them!

Movie date night: new release in theaters or a rental at home? 

Oh, it depends. I love a cozy night in but if it’s something I’m really, really eager to see I won’t wait. For instance I just saw the new Nancy Meyers– The Intern— opening day. Loved it.

Job you’d most want to have on a movie set? 

I’ll take writer, please!

famous in love paperbackSouvenir you’d most want to have from a movie? 

Anything from Something’s Gotta Give. The beach house, maybe? ;)

5 things you want readers to know about TRULY MADLY FAMOUSLY? 

1) It’s a really really fun ride. We get to see Paige, Rainer and Jordan be legitimately FAMOUS.

2) It’s romantic. I never want the romance to drive this series entirely, but Paige definitely has some very key moments with both her boys in this one— and they get pretty steamy.

3) LA! I’ve been semi bicoastal for awhile and it’s fun to explore Los Angeles in a book. I had a wonderful time leading readers through New York in my second novel, The Edge of Falling, and to get to do it with LA is super fun.

4) New characters! I think you’ll probably recognize a few people who pop up in Truly Madly but my favorite new character we’re introduced to is Alexis– who, btw, has a huge role in the TV series.

5) You’ll get an ending. I’m not saying this series is over– in many ways, it’s just beginning— but I think readers will be satisfied with the ending Truly Madly provides.


In this romantic sequel to Famous in Love, new Hollywood “It Girl” Paige must navigate love with her co-stars, both on and off screen and all in the public eye.

Lights, camera, love!

After being plucked from obscurity, Hollywood’s newest starlet, Paige Townsen, has a hit film to her name and Rainer Devon on her arm. But being half of the world’s most famous couple comes with a price, and soon Paige finds herself dodging photographers; hiding her feelings for her other costar, Jordan Wilder; and navigating tabloid scandals that threaten to tear her and Rainer apart-and end her career as quickly as it began.

Rebecca Serle’s sequel to Famous in Love is filled with the kind of celebrity drama and swoon-worthy romance fit for the silver screen.


Fill out the Rafflecopter form HERE to enter to win one of 10 copies of Truly Madly Famously, courtesy of Little Brown. U.S. only.

Official Blog Tour Q&A + Contest with Nameless author Jennifer Jenkins

Today, we are pleased to be hosting a stop on the official blog tour for Nameless by Jennifer Jenkins. We have an exclusive Q&A with Jennifer, then keep reading for more about her new book and your chance to win a copy, courtesy of Month 9 Books!

Nameless_450x675Tell us about the origins of the world of NAMELESS. How did the clans and their world evolve? What were your influences? 

The idea for the NAMELESS world came from my love of history. In college I took the most fascinating Greek History course, which included an in-depth study of Ancient Sparta. I’d always wondered about the personal histories of both the Spartan people and their slaves (called helots).

Most books ideas find roots in “What If?” questions, and NAMELESS was no different. I wondered, “What if a Spartan Warrior fell in love with a helot?” And then that idea/question grew to, “What if I included multiple cultures throughout history to live in a fictional setting?”

That’s part of how the NAMELESS world was born. I took a page from the brutal training methods of the Spartans, the ingenuity of the Navajo, the simple diplomacy of the Vikings, and the intimidation element of the Maori. This diverse mix of cultures was intended to form a hotbed of prejudice and clashing viewpoints.

Which came first: Zo or the world of NAMELESS? 

I’d been kicking around the Spartan/Clan society idea for a while, but didn’t decide to write in that world until Zo’s character smacked me upside the head and demanded I tell her story. :)

NAMELESS touches on a lot of different relationships: siblings, friendship, parents, romance, etc. Do your relationships influence your writing at all? 

Absolutely. Every relationship in my life contributes to my writing. I relate on some levels to Gryphon’s desire to please his clan and family. I relate to Zo’s determination to protect her little sister. I played a lot of competitive sports growing up and channel the brotherhood mentality from my time as a teammate. And romance, well, I know how it feels to be swept off your feet and find love when you’re not looking for it.

Early reviews for NAMELESS have been very enthusiastic! And one common element in those I’ve seen is readers eager for the sequel. Can you give us a taste of what to expect? 

Thank you! I’ve been so flattered by the reviews. Readers don’t know the power they wield. :)

Yes, I recently signed a contract for books 2 and 3 in the series and am currently writing the third and final book.

You can expect a closer look at the both the Raven and Kodiak Clans in the second book as well as several new characters that play major roles in how the region survives what is to come. Gryphon and Zo’s love story in the second and third book is some of the most satisfying romance I’ve ever written.


Favorite Halloween candy?

Hmm. Tooties Rolls. Not the fancy, flavored kind. I like the old school chocolate. I used to unwrap all of them, roll them into a giant Tooties Roll baseball, and pick at it for days.

Starbucks beverage of choice?

Call me a kid, but I’d probably have to say hot chocolate with caramel (extra whipped cream, please)

French fries or tater tots?


Skill you wish you possessed?

I wish I could split myself in two and complete double the work.

Can’t miss TV show?

Vikings (I’m addicted to all things History Channel)

Favorite member of the Avengers?

Hawkeye! (I like strong, silent types)

about the bookFour clans have been at war for centuries: the Kodiak, the Raven, the Wolf and the Ram. Through brutal war tactics, the Ram have dominated the region, inflicting death and destruction on their neighbors.

Seventeen-year-old Zo is a Wolf and a Healer who volunteers to infiltrate the Ram as a spy on behalf of the allied clans. She offers herself as a Ram slave, joining the people who are called the “nameless.” Hers is a suicide mission – Zo’s despair after losing her parents in a Ram raid has left her seeking both revenge and an end to her own misery. But after her younger sister follows her into Rams Gate, Zo must find a way to survive her dangerous mission and keep her sister safe.

What she doesn’t expect to find is the friendship of a young Ram whose life she saves, the confusing feelings she develops for a Ram soldier, and an underground nameless insurrection. Zo learns that revenge, loyalty and love are more complicated than she ever imagined in the first installment of this two-book series.

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about the author

©NicholeV Photography, LLC 2008. This work is registered and protected under US and international copyright laws. Any violation of this copyright will be diligently prosecuted.

©NicholeV Photography, LLC 2008. This work is registered and protected under US and international copyright laws. Any violation of this copyright will be diligently prosecuted.

With her degree in History and Secondary Education, Jennifer had every intention of teaching teens to love George Washington and appreciate the finer points of ancient battle stratagem. (Seriously, she’s obsessed with ancient warfare.) However, life had different plans in store when the writing began. As a proud member of Writers Cubed, and a co-founder of the Teen Author Boot Camp, she feels blessed to be able to fulfill both her ambition to work with teens as well as write Young Adult fiction.

Jennifer has three children who are experts at naming her characters, one loving, supportive husband, a dog with little-man syndrome, and three chickens (of whom she is secretly afraid).

Visit her online at

Connect with the Author: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest |Instagram


1 winner will receive a signed paperback of NAMELESS. US Only.

3 winners will receive a signed NAMELESS Swag including a “Clan Club” Card and Clan temporary tattoos. US Only.

Fill out the Rafflecopter form HERE to enter.


Week 1:

Week 2:

Exclusive Q&A with Black Widow: Forever Red author Margaret Stohl: Part 1

Oct 2015_BotM_Black Widow_banner
Today, we bring you part 1 of our three-part exclusive interview with Black Widow: Forever Red author Margaret Stohl. We know Margie is SUPER busy these days (besides writing the Black Widow book, she’s also working on her solo series Icons and the Dangerous Creatures series with co-author Kami Garcia … and, you know, her family.) So we’re super grateful she took the time to chat with us!

MargieSo, let’s start with the most obvious but burning questions (in my mind): what was it like getting inside the mind of Black Widow? Such a popular & iconic character! How did you approach telling her story?

Natasha Romanoff is a hero of mine, and I approached telling her story with respect, more than anything else. I also related to her; before writing Beautiful Creatures, I worked in the videogame industry for sixteen years, and I felt like the only female Avenger more often than not. Black Widow is a kickass character who can hold her own, but she has to constantly fight for what she needs and believes in. All girls and women know what that feels like, and that’s why I was so excited to tell Natasha’s story. I have three powerful, opinionated and kickass daughters of my own, and I’m excited to say that I think the tides are changing for female protagonists in the world of comics, and it’s really wonderful to have the opportunity to be part of that change.

BW Forever Red HR coverWhen did you first discover or “meet” Black Widow? What was your initial impression of the character?

I got interested in comics when I began my career in the videogame industry, where I worked on Activision’s first Spiderman game, as well as Fantastic Four. It’s incredible how long her run in the comics has been, and how many iterations of her character have developed since 1964. I loved her character—that relentless persistence—as well as how she is somewhat shrouded in mystery. While a lot of her story lines have focused on her romances, I felt that there was more to her character that needed to be told. Being able to explore those other parts of Black Widow in a novel is one of the most exciting things I’ve gotten to do as a writer.

What were some of the challenges of writing about such an already well-known and well-loved character? What were some of the perks?

The biggest challenge and perk are one is the same: the weight of the responsibility. On one hand, it was paralyzing at times, knowing that I was handling such a complex character, and one that was so important to such an enormous fandom. The Marvel fans aren’t too shy about letting you know when they think you’ve gotten something wrong! But at the same time, it was the greatest honor of my life to be trusted with Natasha’s story, and that drove me to create something I’m incredibly proud of, with a team from Marvel and Disney that I really respect.

Thanks again, Margie! Tune in for part 2 on Wednesday.

Poet Anderson … Of Nightmares: Exclusive Flash Questions with Tom DeLonge & Suzanne Young

Poet Anderson Week
Today, we have an exclusive round of flash questions with the authors of Poet Anderson … Of Nightmares, Tom DeLonge and Suzanne Young. Thanks for stopping by, guys!

Poet Cover Sept 17 2016Take-out food of choice?

Tom: Bean, rice and cheese burrito from Sombrero’s

Suzanne: Pizza, obviously.

Flying car or hoverboard?

Tom: Hoverboard

Suzanne: Flying car.

Snack or drink you must have when writing/creating?

Tom: 3 pump iced vanilla latte

Suzanne: Diet Pepsi and spicy snack mix.

tom delongeFavorite Disney movie?

Tom: Wall-e

Suzanne: Original Cinderella

The beach or the mountains?

Tom: Beach

Suzanne: Mountains

Song that can always get you dancing?

Tom: Anything by the Descendants

Suzanne: “A-Punk” by Vampire Weekend

suzanne young bwFavorite Halloween candy?

Tom: sour patch kids

Suzanne: Still candy corn

French fries or tater tots?

Tom: Carne Asada French fries

Suzanne: Tater tots! Especially Totchos—tater tot nachos.

Favorite villain?

Tom: Darth Vader

Suzanne: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Favorite piece of clothing?

Tom: G-star jacket

Suzanne: Changing Hands Bookstore T-shirt

Private concert: who’s playing? (Alive or dead.)

Tom: Fugazi

Suzanne: Hm… Probably Eddie Vedder

Thanks again to Tom and Suzanne for taking the time to answer our flash questions today!