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10 responses to “Books

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  2. Can you please do a review on Sisters Impossible? No need to specify the author . . . there’s only 1 book entitled Sisters Impossible.

  3. hey,melly really likes books ,but her fav is A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS so all the peps out there totts put rell consideration to that way cool book.


  4. i can’t wait to read Crescendo!!! i loved Hush Hush. i can’t wait to see how Nora’s and Patch’s relationship turns out:)…!!!

  5. I will read it and provide my review afterward, but I would also like for someone to review my new book, Jilted. The link can be found on the Caribbean Literary Salon page.

  6. UM…so who won the epic contest for january? o.o

  7. Yeah who did win?

  8. Contest of Epic winners will be announced over nine days, starting Feb. 9th

  9. what are some good book recommendations for a 13 year old in the ya section

  10. omg patch is sooooooooooo cute -HUSHHUSH-

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