Novel Novice Contest Policy

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Unless otherwise stated, all contests at Novel Novice are limited to sending prizes to the U.S. only.

Why U.S. only?

In some cases, our contests are sponsored by a publisher or book publicist, who specify where prizes can be sent.

In other cases, we send the prizes out ourselves — and we cover these costs out of pocket. International mailing costs are just too expensive for us to pay for.

We always invite international contestants to enter if they have a friend or family member living in the U.S., who can accept the prize on their behalf.

Thanks for your understanding. And any time we can host a contest internationally, we’ll be sure to advertise it prominently.

Additionally, Novel Novice cannot be held responsible for any prizes lost in the mail or delivered to the wrong address. We send prizes to the address provided to us by the contestant.

4 responses to “Novel Novice Contest Policy

  1. Are you only using my address to mail the books? And not to send me newsletters and such?

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  3. i have a u.s mailing addrdo but can i just give it to you if i win. and can this count as my entry

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