Novel Novice: Book Review Policy

about us

Novel Novice features primarily Young Adult literature, and select Middle Grade books. We also occasionally review adult titles (non-YA) that would be suitable to the YA readership, because of the author or subject matter. We do NOT normally feature or review New Adult.

We’re happy to consider YA books of any sub-genre: paranormal, contemporary, historical, etc.

We are also now featuring select children’s literature (picture book) reviews.

In general, we do not accept self-published books for review, though we have occasionally made exceptions based on recommendations from trusted affiliates.

We also do not read e-books, and can only accept print books for review. (Sorry, but I’m old fashioned and don’t own an e-reader!)

Please e-mail to submit a book for review, or to request a mailing address. You can also fill out the contact form below. Be sure to include your contact information!

Please note that we cannot accept all book review submissions due to the number of pitches we receive, but we do our best to fit in a good variety!

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