Masque of the Red Death: Study Questions from Bethany Griffin

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Earlier this week, we shared a guest blog from Masque of the Red Death author Bethany Griffin, discussing the use of YA lit alongside the classics in the classroom. Tomorrow, we’ll share our ideas on using Bethany’s Edgar Allan Poe-inspired novel in the classroom — but for now, here are Bethany’s study questions for the book from her website:

1. Can anyone ever really hide from death?

2. What would the responses of the populace be during a plague?

3. How would the lives and expectations of young people change in the aftermath of such a catastrophe?

4. Do catastrophic events cause regular people to take on heroic or villainous roles, or would people take those roles, to a lesser extent, in normal times?

5. What are some positive ways to rise from the depths of despair, and why are people, teens in particular, more likely to find negative ways to deal with sadness?

6. In her search for oblivion, what do you think Araby was truly searching for? Did she find it?

7. Themes/Motifs in Masque of the Red Death (Poe’s version, or mine!)

  • Death
  • Plague
  • Despair
  • Heroism
  • Hope
  • Loss
  • The role of the scientist in changing the direction of history
  • The role of the inventor in changing the direction of history
  • The role of catastrophe in changing history
  • Alternate history and alternate technology/science.

Bethany also has more ideas for using YA in the classroom in general. Be sure to check out her website for more!



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