Hush, Hush series: What we know about the third book!

Will there be a third book? YES!

Will it be called Tempest? MAYBE!

Will it be a best seller? DEFINITELY!

On Sept. 10 Becca Fitzpatrick was able to share with her fandom that yes, there will be a third book in her Hush, Hush series, tentatively called Tempest.

Here’s the official announcement from Publishers Weekly:

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers will publish Tempest, the third and final book in Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush trilogy, on October 18, 2011. The book will be edited by executive editor Emily Meehan and will have a first printing of 250,000 copies. The second book in the trilogy, Crescendo, has just gone on sale. Meehan negotiated the deal with Catherine Drayton of Inkwell Management for North American, audio, and e-book rights.

Becca said — despite the above statement — that she has no idea if this is the last book in the series, but earlier this month, she did share EXCLUSIVELY with Novel Novice the first sentence of the third book (keep in mind these things can always change!):

As a rule, I kiss with my eyes closed, but tonight temptation got the better of me, and I stole a glimpse.


 And get this — Becca already has a playlist for The-Book-Tentatively-Known-As-Tempest on her website! Does it give away any clues? Listen and find out! Then leave your best guesses in the comments!

23 responses to “Hush, Hush series: What we know about the third book!

  1. Squeee!
    That is awesome!

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  3. woahhhh i cnt waittttt…XD…counting down the days!…jkjk..xD

  4. When is the book coming out?

  5. HURRY WITH BOOK THREE XD I would do anything for this to be real life :'( I want a Patch

  6. Yaaayy! :D Can’t wait!

  7. The hush series is amazing!! this third book needs to hurry up and come out already :) I need a real life Patch right now

  8. Does anyone know if their going to make a movie out of the series?

    • I believe the movie rights have been optioned, but so-far nothing is in production yet. It’s very much up in the air at this point. Fingers crossed though, eh?! :)

      • Ahh! They should make a movie, the books are so good! Their making a movie out of the series Fallen. Fingers are most definitely crossed!

    • Patch's Secret Lover

      no but they should

    • Oh I hope not. If they do, I don’t want to say it’ll ruin the books, but it WILL NOT do the books justice.

    • Not to mention the Fallen books are very good but the movies will not give the books the justice they deserve. I mean look at the twilight books, good books. bad movies. I don’t think they should make movies out of the Fallen books or the Hush Hush books. just because the books are AMAZING, DOES NOT mean the movies will be just as good.

  9. Patch's Secret Lover

    i love the books they should make a movie out of it, but not like the Twilight saga

  10. omg i am so excited i absolutely love hush hush and crescendo

  11. when does ‘the temptest’ come out??
    Because I’m almost done with crescendo

  12. OMG i am 13 years old and i ABSOULUTLY LOVE THIS SERIES… my mom would find find me at 2:30 in the morning reading this series. when i finished the second book i was like NOOOOOOOOOO. i cant be over!! i wish the third one would come out sooner!!! -Hush hush lover >:D

  13. That’s good. I want to find out what’s gonna happen between Nora and her real father :D

  14. im so confuzed, when does it actually come out??? first the publishers said oct. 8, then someone else said oct. 28, and then someone else said oct. 4? could anyone clear this up for me? i really hope its oct. 4 though cuz i cant wait!!! does anyone know when the fallen movie is gonna come out, or when the trailer is gonna be released?

  15. I just read Hush Hush and Crescendo.. in a day:)) I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I love the ending to Crescendo.. it leaves us all hanging!! My family members were asking me why i was so angery. I just would get all pissed. I was angry because of how they were apart in cresndo for a bit, and then i was all happy at the end.. but not the very end..

  16. shy'keijah robinson

    I absolutely have to read the third book!!! she left you wondering what would happen next. i cannot wait

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