Presenting the Novel Novice The Hunger Games fantasy cast!

As part of our 13-day countdown to Mockingjay, we asked readers to help us pick actors for our own Novel Novice fantasy cast for The Hunger Games — and while we couldn’t include all the suggestions, we put together a list gleaned from fan sites and fantasy casting sites (plus a few suggestions of our own).

Here are the results:


Troian Bellisario, 29.6%


Elle Fanning, 33.5%


Hunter Parrish, 38%


Ben Barnes, 75%


Hugh Laurie, 41.1%


Kristen Chenoweth, 59%


Alana Locke, 35%

3 responses to “Presenting the Novel Novice The Hunger Games fantasy cast!

  1. Wow. What a pretty and accurate-looking cast! I’m going to post a link to this entry in my Mockingjay Madness blog post:

  2. I think this Peeta is actually really good looking, but I pictured Peeta a bit bigger, broader and more toned. Hugh Laurie as Haymitch makes me laugh, but really? Haymitch is fat, and disgusting. Smart too, but is he not fat? As far as Effie goes, spot on. Kristen Chenoweth is hilarious. And it could just be me, but I thought Rue was black. This was fun. I wonder who will actually get cast.

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